Paula and Daphne were helping people at our materials table after a presentation when a man began asking Daphne about the prices of the CDs, and whether or not we took credit cards since he’d left his check book at home. Paula was shocked when she overheard team leader Joe tell Daphne under his breath, Don’t give him one Daphne, he’s a sociopath.” Paula looked at Joe in amazement and asked, “How can you tell?!” To which Daphne replied matter-of-factly, “It’s Joe’s job to know who is who.” Paula spent the rest of the evening wondering “how Joe knew.” Later, back on board the bus, when she repeated what she “heard” Joe say, the rest of the team burst out in hysterical laughter. Joe had actually said, “You can give him one Daphne, he’s the Associate Pastor.”

Paula (the one who sings in her sleep) adds, “As if I need to embarrass myself even more—I’ve added a new dimension to my nighttime habits…sleep-praying!!! Every day we end our devotions with prayer, usually everyone praying for the person sitting beside them. I was dreaming about this the other night and sat up in bed at 2.30 a.m., banging my head on the ceiling and saying very loudly ‘Oh, thank you Lord for Daphne!'”


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