From Odessa, Ukraine, outreach worker Vlad Rechovsky reports, The Lord gave me great joy from my visit with a Jewish woman named Sima. It turned out she lives with another Jewish woman, Sarra—and it happened that when we came they had a visitor named Dina, who was also Jewish! So instead of visiting one Jewish woman, I visited three. The Lord touched each one of their hearts, and within minutes Sima, Sarra and Dina all repented and began new lives in Jesus. All three of them had such joy from their decisions to follow Him. Please, pray that the Lord will preserve their faith and that they will grow spiritually.”

In South Africa this year, our missionaries Lev and Jenifer Leigh were joined by Dianne Liebson—a friend of our ministry who is a Jewish believer—for our ten day summer outreach in Cape Town. (Remember, our wintertime is their summertime!) Jenifer reports, “This year we met 38 Jewish people who were willing to give their names and addresses to receive more information about Jesus. We also prayed with 7 Gentiles who wanted to repent and be born again.

“The day after the outreach ended, I got my wish to go down in a shark cage to view great whites. As we drove our van up to the base point for the shark dive, a woman greeted us with tears of joy. It turns out that she was a Jewish believer who had seen our van in Cape Town. She desperately wanted to meet us, but we were driving away just as she spotted us. The shark dive turned out to be a Divine Appointment to meet Rosemary. (P.S. We saw one great white, 3.5 meters long!)”

Branch leader Stephen Pacht reports from Paris, “Within a few days of one another, two men “chanced” upon our name in the Yellow Pages. Both Stephane (a 30-year-old salesman) and Jean-Jacques (a 50-year-old company executive) had been reading the Gospels and were willing to meet with me. We are thankful that these Jewish men ‘let their fingers do the walking’ and we hope that soon they will be walking with Yeshua.

“A Christian friend introduced me to a Jewish man named Frederic and we began meeting for one-on-one Bible study. Over a period of a couple of months, he came to the Lord. In fact, Frederic happened to be in our office when Stephane (above) came. It was good to hear him tell Stephane about the difference Jesus has made in his life. Frederic (in his late twenties) has asked us to pray that he will be able to tell his parents.

“Three quarters of the people attending our monthly Bible study are Jewish, and half of them are not yet Christians. In fact three of our Jewish friends are very drawn to Buddhism. I have invited a Thai Christian friend (former Buddhist) to come to one of our studies and give her story. Pray that people will turn to Christ.”

In San Francisco, Diane Cohen re-ports, “Robyn Wilk and I went to visit several Jewish people, including Renee. Previously, when Robyn had visited a retiree named Flora, her Jewish friend, Renee, “happened” to be there. It seems Renee had been in contact with Jews for Jesus in the past and was quite familiar with the Bible. In fact, she asked to stay to hear the Bible lesson. Robyn and I visited her on her own this time, and she was very open to Jesus. When asked if she was ready to pray to accept Him as her Messiah, she said ‘yes.'”

From Los Angeles, Josh Sofaer reports, “David’s mother is a Christian and his father is Jewish. Back in September, David checked out our web site and requested more information. I called him and over the course of 3 months, Karol Joseph and I have been meeting with David. During one visit, he was seriously considering giving his heart to the Lord. He paused and said, ‘Wow. If I become a Christian, what will I say to my mom? I have given her such a hard time whenever she talks to me about Jesus.’ Well, David finally took his leap of faith, and when he told his mother, she baked me a batch of cookies!”