April 1998 Newsletter (5758:8)

The Jubilee
April 1, 1998

Key Old Testament passage: Leviticus 25 Key Concepts: liberty, freedom, justice How: The jubilee was ushered in with the blast of a ram’s horn. In fact, The name jubilee” comes from the Hebrew word yovel meaning “ram’s horn.”* What...

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It Started in Israel…

I began my missionary service with Jews for Jesus on February 1, 1974. I was twenty-seven years old at the time. The ministry was little more than a year old, so people kept asking me What will you be doing five years from now?” The question seemed to imply that...

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Project Joshua—An Adventure Begins
Author: Josh Sofaer

It all started over my Christmas school break in 1991. I was living in Lake Tahoe, a small mountain town in the California Sierras. Jews for Jesus sponsored a trip to Israel for college students—well, not just any college students, but Jewish students who believe in...

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More Adventures from the Liberated Wailing Wall…

Paula and Daphne were helping people at our materials table after a presentation when a man began asking Daphne about the prices of the CDs, and whether or not we took credit cards since he’d left his check book at home. Paula was shocked when she overheard team...

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Passover Ramblings
Author: Ruth Rosen

Growing up in a Jewish Jesus-believing family can make a kid scrappy, especially if said kid inherited scrappy genes from one or both parents to begin with. So if Passover found me patiently munching a peanut butter and jelly on matzoh sandwich (which clings to the...

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