Here is the way that God works; it is beyond anything we could imagine or plan! I had occasion to take a taxi to Queens from Manhattan. Noting the driver’s accent, I asked if he spoke Russian, and he said Yes.” Then I asked if he spoke Buhareian, which is a Russian-Jewish Ukrainian language. He again said “Yes.” When I asked his last name, it was a name I knew. I asked if he knew someone I had gone to school with—her first name is Maffrat. “She is my father’s sister!” he replied. I told him that I had gone to school with his aunt since kindergarten, although I had not seen her for 50 years. He was so happy to meet an old friend of the family that he invited me to his home.

After two days I went to visit the taxi driver with a Bible in my hand. His mother and father recognized me because they had been my neighbors in Uzbeckistan. When I began to talk about Jesus, they told me, “This is not for us, we are Jewish.” While I was speaking to them, their upstairs neighbor, Sasha, who was visiting listened intently. Finally he asked “How can I find this book [the Bible] like you have?” I said, “If you are serious you will have this book.”

Sasha did not invite me to visit, but when I did come to visit they were so happy to see me. I gave him and his wife, Ilana, a Bible and began to meet with them regularly.

Shortly after the first of January, I came to wish them a happy New Year and to ask if they were ready to open their hearts to Jesus. I opened the Bible to Revelation 3 and asked who they thought was knocking and what the door is. They responded that it was Jesus knocking on the door of their hearts. They both desired to invite Him in and accept the salvation He offers.

Sasha has been attending the Bible study regularly. Ilana works late and is not able to attend, but they are reading their Bible and have many questions. It is a joy to see God work in their lives—and it all began with a taxi ride!


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