Our London chief of station Richard Harvey and missionary Jonathan had the opportunity to visit Oxford and speak to a group of Christian students about Jesus and having faith in light of the Holocaust. Students were encouraged to bring their Jewish friends, and they did. There was enough interest for two sessions. Four Jewish students came to the first session and joined Richard and Jonathan for supper later that evening. The Christian friend who invited them wrote a letter to say,

Dear Richard,

Thank you very much indeed for giving the time to do both the talks and for coming to supper. God was amazing in bringing Aaron, Justin Brenda and Susie [her Jewish friends] along. It is brilliant that now my Jewish friends realize that it is possible for a Jew to consider the claims of Jesus seriously and I look forward to and pray for many more conversations about Him, which this mission has helped to make possible. I learnt a lot from the evening too. It was great too that they really enjoyed the evening too—we stayed on chatting until after 1:00 a.m. after you went, and they all took some of your booklets. [We published Richard’s story in booklet form.] I was also excited that another [Jewish] friend Jack came to the 2nd talk, as well as Daniel. Thank you very much for your prayers and I will keep you posted about what goes on here.

Many thanks again for everything.

Love in Jesus,



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