Washington, D.C.

When we sow gospel seed, sometimes it falls on different ground than we had anticipated. Outreach worker Victoria Lannon reports from Washington, D.C., A Jewish believer asked me to visit with his ex-wife who has a brain tumor. In doing so, I met Lara, who takes care of this woman. Lara, who is also Jewish, was interested in the gospel and we began meeting regularly to study the Scriptures. Lara has now come to faith in Yeshua!”


We thank God for Christians who are alert for opportunities to witness in the workplace. From Florida, David Rothstein reports, “I went to visit T. Rose’s (see March issue of newsletter) grandfather, Frank, at the hospital/home where he resides. A nurse was attending to his roommate during the visit. As I was leaving, the nurse said to me, ‘Come tell Mr. Goldstein [the roommate] about Yeshua Hamashiach [Jesus the Messiah]’ Mr. Goldstein was willing to hear the gospel and he even prayed with me, asking God to show him the truth!”

Another of our Florida missionaries, Sharon Freeman reports, “At the Las Olas Art Festival a Jewish women named Joy approached me and admitted that several years ago she marched up to a Jew for Jesus in New York City to say, ‘Your mother ought to be ashamed of you.’ Now she can hardly believe that she is beginning to see how people can be Jewish and believe in Jesus. She gave me her address to receive literature but commented that she would not be open to a phone call at this point.” Please pray that Joy would soon find her joy in Jesus.

Los Angeles

From Orange County, Rob Wertheim reports, “It took Lucille nearly a year to contact us. It seems she saw our gospel ad in December of 1995, sent away for our booklet A Messianic Look at Christmas and Hanukkah, read it and accepted the Lord!! She lives in the San Diego area and I recently had my first visit with her. Lucille is 83 years old and in poor health. However, she told me that since she came to believe in Yeshua, she has a new peace about her situation.”

New York

Mitch Forman had an amazing week of ministry in New York City. He reports, “72-year-old Ginger from Rockland, MA saw our gospel ad in the secular media. She returned the coupon and wrote on it: ‘Very interested. Please tell me the closest chapter.’ I called and discovered a woman who has been interested in Jesus for years, but never committed her life to Him. We talked and prayed together, and she finally took her step of faith. Praise the Lord!”

Mitch continues, “This week was unbelievable. In addition to Ginger, I had a chance to see three other people give their life to the Lord: Selma, Evelyn, and Vlad.

Los Angeles

There is much rejoicing in Los Angeles as Chief of Station Tuvya Zaretsky reports, “We want to announce an addition to the family!!! My brother-in-law is now part of God’s family. After years of prayer, Ellen’s brother, Steve, called from Georgia to let us know that he is now a believer in Jesus. Meanwhile, Joshua, Steve’s teenage son from his first marriage, really looks up to a Jewish step-cousin who is bright, kind and a great soccer player. That cousin has recently become a Jewish believer in Jesus! We hope that Joshua will be ready to consider the claims of Jesus as well.”


From Moscow, outreach worker Lena Akachonic reports, “I met a ‘child’ of our ministry while I was handing out literature. Alexander had received a tract from us in the metro during our Witnessing Campaign last May. After receiving our tract, he called our office and repented of his sins. He is now established at a church in Moscow. He was so delighted to see Jews for Jesus handing out more of our tracts. Praise the Lord! It was a blessing and encouragement for me to meet him.”


From Odessa, outreach worker Galya Bogomolova reports, “I was happy to see a Jewish man named Valentin at our weekly meeting. He is a believer who said that he did not feel God’s closeness. A few days later I was coming home in Tairovo (Tairovo is a huge neighborhood with many new buildings). I saw Valentin on the street and greeted him, but he was very upset. He said he had a very important appointment with his boss and he had lost the address. Praise Jesusïwhen Valentin mentioned his boss’s name, I realized he was talking about a neighbor of mine. So, I led Valentin directly to his boss and suggested that we thank the Lord for His love and tenderness and for the fact that He is always with us. Valentin was so shocked that he kept asking: ‘Could it be a mere accident?’ Then he kept answering his own question: ‘No, it is God Himself who sent you.’ Please pray for Valentin’s spiritual growth.”