April 1997 Newsletter (5757:8)

Out of Egypt
April 1, 1997
Topics: passover

A Passover riddle to ponder: when does a haven of safety become a house of slavery? Along with that riddle, I’ll pose one of the most difficult commands for believers in Jesus to get straight: how to be in the world but not of it. It is a challenging paradox....

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Passover Memories

If you really want to experience the flavor” of the Passover season, Melissa Moskowitz offers the following memories and recipe: When I was a little girl growing up in New York City, a highlight was having Passover each year at my grandparents’ house in...

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A Passover in Russia
Author: Avi Snyder

The evening before, all of us had participated in a public Passover seder demonstration that the Moscow station of Jews For Jesus hosted in a local movie theater. Now it was the traditional second seder night,” and our family of staff and volunteers gathered in...

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It Began With a Taxi

Here is the way that God works; it is beyond anything we could imagine or plan! I had occasion to take a taxi to Queens from Manhattan. Noting the driver’s accent, I asked if he spoke Russian, and he said Yes.” Then I asked if he spoke Buhareian, which is...

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Campus Evangelism in the United Kingdom

Our London chief of station Richard Harvey and missionary Jonathan had the opportunity to visit Oxford and speak to a group of Christian students about Jesus and having faith in light of the Holocaust. Students were encouraged to bring their Jewish friends, and they...

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From Our Israel Correspondent: A Day To Remember

One name after another flashes across the televsion screen. Every twenty seconds the name of a solider and the year he or she died in defense of the nation appears. Within twenty-four hours, 18,200 names flicker on and off the screen just as their lives briefly...

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A Word From Moishe
Author: Moishe Rosen

Please don’t leave but… We hope you’ll wait with us until the Lord comes and we can all go home together. But in case you do find it necessary to leave this planet before He comes, we’ll understand and be reunited in His presence. Some of you have...

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Bits from the Branches

Washington, D.C. When we sow gospel seed, sometimes it falls on different ground than we had anticipated. Outreach worker Victoria Lannon reports from Washington, D.C., A Jewish believer asked me to visit with his ex-wife who has a brain tumor. In doing so, I met...

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