Bonnie called our Toronto office late one evening asking to talk with someone about Jesus. I’m glad I stayed late to work that evening! Bonnie thought she believed in Jesus, but being raised Jewish, she wanted to speak to a fellow Jew about what that really meant. We arranged to meet the following day.

When we met, Bonnie explained that one evening, as she was switching television channels, a Christian program caught her attention. She didn’t have a Bible, and she didn’t know much about Jesus. She did know that something was missing from her life and wondered if Jesus might be the answer.

Bonnie continued to watch Christian television programs for several months. One evening she even prayed along with the television host, asking to know Jesus as her Savior although she confessed to me that she wasn’t quite sure what that meant. By the time we ended our visit, she knew exactly what it meant, and she knew that her decision to follow Jesus was genuine.

I knew it, too, when Bonnie began to tell me of changes in her life. One morning she called to ask, Can you tell me what’s happening to me? I woke up this morning and just had to call my sister and ask her forgiveness for the way I spoke to her last week. Then I went out and actually bought her a gift to make up for it! And,” she continued, “the thing is, I’ve never asked anyone for forgiveness in my entire life!”

In a few short weeks, Bonnie was seeing significant results of a life committed to Yeshua. She walked into a church for the first time and found one that she wanted to make her home. She was eagerly reading and studying the Bible daily. Her whole outlook had changed, and people were beginning to notice. Please pray for Bonnie, that her enthusiasm and love for her Messiah will continue to grow.