Next to our ministry of winning Jewish people to Jesus, our dearest hope is to win the hearts of God’s people to the cause of Jewish evangelism. Deputation is that facet of the Jews for Jesus ministry whereby we bring before the Christian community our burden to see Jewish people come to know the Lord. Many of the readers of this Newsletter became friends of our ministry after a representative of Jews for Jesus spoke at their church.

Our missionaries are prepared to deliver various messages based on Scripture, but regardless of the topic the focus is always on Jesus. Afterwards our speakers always provide an opportunity for any unbeliever present (Jewish or Gentile) to make a commitment of faith in Yeshua.

During the Passover/Resurrection Sunday season every year most of our staff is scheduled for a concentrated time of either travel or local ministry to present Christ in the Passover in the churches. This message explains the traditional Passover celebration and its messianic symbolism and draws a parallel between the national redemption of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery and the personal redemption from sin of the believer in Christ. Because the Christ in the Passover presentation so clearly communicates the gospel, it provides a wonderful opportunity for Christians to invite their Jewish friends to hear and discover how Jewish it is to believe in Jesus.

If you know of such a presentation scheduled in your church or in your general area, we hope that you will pray about inviting (and accompanying) a Jewish friend or acquaintance to it.

Also please pray for the travel safety, health and effective ministry of our evangelistic teams and individual speakers as they take part in this special seasonal outreach.


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