A Co-Laborer Blessing in Stockton, California

For many years Jews for Jesus has had branches in the major cities of the United States, and more recently we have extended our outreach to several countries around the globe. This helps us toward our goal of proclaiming the good news of Yeshua throughout the world, but we cannot have missionaries stationed everywhere. We do, however, have the next best thing—our Co-Laborers in Messiah in our outlying areas.

These volunteer helpers cover many areas where we do not yet have full-time missionary activity. They assist us in many ways: They help to build and maintain good relationships with local churches, make themselves available to help our regular staff people whenever they are in town for ministry purposes, help with paperwork and even with evangelism.

One encouraging Co-Laborer in Messiah incident happened recently in Stockton, California. David Mishkin, one of our San Francisco missionaries, was scheduled to speak in Stockton, a city just outside the range of his day-to-day ministry in the Bay Area. David was to speak at one church on a Sunday morning and at another church that evening. Between his meetings at the two churches he was invited to the home of our local Co-Laborer, Lee Marshall.

Lee has been having a great ministry in Stockton and even has a regular Bible study for Jewish people. On the particular Sunday that David was in town, Lee arranged for him to meet Freida, a 74-year-old Jewish woman whose husband had recently died. Freida had admitted that for some time she had wanted to believe in Jesus.

Lee had also invited another Jewish believer in Jesus to join them that afternoon. Freida seemed to enjoy meeting both David and the other believer. Frieda was knowledgeable about Jesus, having already read the New Testament. Nevertheless, she had one stumbling block between her and a commitment of faith in Yeshua. She was troubled about the way people throughout history had misused the name of Jesus. She did not want to be part of any group that could be so cruel to the Jewish people.

David told Freida that he would not want to be associated with such a group either, but that true followers of Yeshua were not like that. Freida admitted that she was very impressed with Lee and the other Christians she had met. She began to realize that Jesus does change lives, and that people who use our Savior’s name for evil are not following His teachings or His example. David asked Freida if she wanted to let Jesus take away her pain, her grief and, most of all, her sins. She said she did.

As David led Freida in a sinner’s prayer” he noticed her hesitancy to say the name of Jesus. After so many years of seeing Him as the cause of such trouble it was understandable. Yet in the midst of tears she continued the prayer of commitment, recognizing at last that her Messiah had come.

If Lee had not been available to witness to Freida and bring her into contact with David and that other Jewish believer, Freida might not have heard the gospel in a way that she could understand and accept.

We praise God for Freida’s salvation. And we thank Him for Lee and our other Co-Laborers in outlying areas who help us to expand our outreach by their faithful volunteer help.


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