He Loves Me

Just as I am, a sinner to the core, yet
     HE loves me,
Even when He knows I will sin again,
     HE loves me
Sometimes when I think HE could not forgive me again
     HE loves me.
Unless I harden my heart and turn from Him I’ll always know,
     HE loves me
So even if I turn and run from Him, He waits for my return, because
     HE loves me

Let your guard down and you’ll begin to see He loves you as much as
     HE loves me
Over and over again I need to remind myself, no matter what,
     HE loves me
Very often I think now I’ve done it! How could he ever forgive me, but
     HE still loves me
Every time I feel lonely or brokenhearted I just remember,
     HE loves me
Some day when I see Him face to face I will just melt, because
     HE loves me

My God is a loving God; He created us to love Him; that’s how much
     HE loves you and me
Every day of my life I shall tell Him I love Him, because

Adele Rosenthal has a rich Jewish background. She was educated in a Hebrew day school before her bas mitzvah and continued in afternoon studies in cheder until her confirmation.

Adele first began to think about Yshua after taking a trip to Israel in 1983. During her journey to the Jewish homeland she was surprised to encounter so many places where Yeshua was supposed to have been. Until then she had thought of Jesus as a Gentile figure.

Upon Adele’s return from Israel, she met a Jewish believer in Yeshua who introduced her to the messianic prophecies in the Hebrew Bible. A short time later, after praying for God to show her the truth, Adele committed her life to Yeshua.

Adele has learned about God’s unconditional love for her in Messiah, and her understanding of his love has inspired several poems, one of which she has allowed us to present here.


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