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0n August 19, 1984 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a very scared 19-year-old boarded a plane for the first time in his life. He had traveled all night from Santa Fe, his little hometown in the interior of Argentina, to get on that plane that would take him to the United States.

That scared 19-year-old was me, and it happened five years ago. I remember the excitement of flying for the first time and anticipating the new phase of my life that awaited me so far from home. I remember my amazement as I walked through O’Hare International Airport (only the second airport I had ever seen).

David Brickner, the leader of our Chicago branch, met me at the airport. He was going to train me to work with Jews for Jesus while I attended Moody Bible Institute, and he had to try hard to communicate with me because of my broken English.

Things went very fast that first week. The next Saturday I was out handing out tracts in downtown Chicago wearing a jacket that said Jews for Jesus.” I was not used to that kind of thing, and I felt awkward doing it. I felt especially awkward when one Jewish man stopped and asked a lot of questions about me and about what I was doing. I couldn’t understand half of the things he was saying because he was speaking too fast and with an “American accent.”

David came by to try to help me talk to this man, but the man didn’t want to talk to David. He wanted to talk only to me. With much effort and a lot of babbling I managed to tell this man why I believed that Jesus was the Messiah, and that he should believe in him too. By the end of our conversation I didn’t understand at all what he was saying, but by the tone of his voice and his facial expression I knew he was not saying nice things about me.

After my first year in Chicago, I went to New York City. There I experienced my first Summer Witnessing Campaign. I got really excited about Jewish evangelism when I saw how I was able to witness to so many Jewish people in one day!

The years went by. I graduated from Moody Bible Institute in 1988. During those three years I had been working part-time with Jews for Jesus. That enabled me to do some evangelism through visits, telephone ministry and tract distribution. After graduation, I was transferred to our San Francisco branch, where I was able to do evangelism full-time.

Now, after praying for some months, I have decided to follow God’s call and serve him full-time with Jews for Jesus. I have gone back to Argentina to minister. When I came to the United States for training, I always knew that I would go back to my country to tell my people about Yeshua. There is a great task ahead of me, as the church in Latin America is not really aware of the need for Jewish evangelism and there is not much being done in that field at this time.

Please pray for Jews for Jesus and for me as we start this work in Argentina, and as we try to reach Jewish people in all of Latin America with the good news of Jesus.


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