An Answered Prayer

As with most Jewish believers in Yeshua, my parents did not take it very well when I decided to receive Jesus as the promised Messiah. In fact, they took it very badly, especially my father. He felt sad and guilty. He thought I had taken that step because he had not sent me to Hebrew school nor given me a good enough Jewish education.

As the years went by after my commitment to Yeshua, I had many discussions with my father about my beliefs. He always said that while he believed there was some kind of supernatural being, there was no way of finding out more about him. All the different religions of the world with their different concepts about God were the result of everyone filling in” their own details because there was no way to find out what this supernatural being wanted from us. Besides, he must be so busy that he would not be concerned about us little creatures here on earth. Therefore, it was nonsense to try to describe him, to say that he wanted us to believe in Jesus, or even to think that he was actually concerned for individuals. My father really liked science. We used to watch the documentary Cosmos, where Carl Sagan virtually mocks the idea of the existence of God and all organized religions.

I prayed that both my parents would receive the Lord, but I was especially afflicted by the position my father had taken. Though my mother did not believe, her position was much more passive. I used to pray and think, “Wouldn’t it be nice if some day my father not only would accept the Lord, but would also tell others about him?”

Years passed, and in November of 1989 my father accepted the Lord while I was in Argentina visiting my family. Part of my prayer had been answered! I was so happy and at peace that day, that as I flew back to the United States I slept throughout the whole ten-hour flight.

My father started growing in his faith. Suddenly he was talking about praying, going to church and serving the Lord. He started to feel a peace and joy he had never had before. He even decided to come to San Francisco, not only to visit me, but also to see the Jews for Jesus headquarters.

When he came, an idea popped into my mind. Maybe the second part of my prayer was going to be answered! I knew an Argentinian man in San Francisco to whom I had been witnessing for a year. Like my father before he became a believer, this man also did not believe in God. I arranged to meet with him one night, and I asked him if it would be all right to bring my father along. He agreed to that, so I took my dad to meet him.

After talking a bit about Argentine economy (one of the favorite topics of conversation for Argentinians all over the world), we started talking about spiritual things. I told this man that my father had many things in common with him. I said that my father had believed many of the things he believed.

Then my father started sharing his story and told this Jewish man how he had found the truth in Jesus. My prayer was being answered! I heard my father witnessing to another person about Yeshua, telling him about the new birth and the new life that only God can give.

It was a moment of great significance for me. After nine years of waiting for an answer to my prayer, God answered “yes.” Not only had my father come to believe, but I also saw him telling someone else about the new life he had received in Yeshua.


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