April 1990 Newsletter (5750:6)

Empty Doorways
April 1, 1990
Author: Stan Meyer

Have you ever watched from a window, waiting for an important visitor? You felt your heart beat faster with anticipation at the sound of each approaching car, thinking maybe this is the one! Do you remember waiting for a girlfriend or a boyfriend, almost jumping out of your chair when the doorbell rang? Have you…

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My Graveside Religion

I became a believer in 1980. The Lord has changed my life and the lives of those around me. Amazingly, he used the focal point of my former religious life to catch my attention and make me start looking for him. Many Jewish believers clearly recall their celebrations of the traditional Jewish holidays at home….

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An Answered Prayer

As with most Jewish believers in Yeshua, my parents did not take it very well when I decided to receive Jesus as the promised Messiah. In fact, they took it very badly, especially my father. He felt sad and guilty. He thought I had taken that step because he had not sent me to Hebrew…

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Back Home

0n August 19, 1984 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a very scared 19-year-old boarded a plane for the first time in his life. He had traveled all night from Santa Fe, his little hometown in the interior of Argentina, to get on that plane that would take him to the United States. That scared 19-year-old was…

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Moses: Defeat And Deliverance
Author: Joshua Moss

As a child of God, has serving him ever brought you into conflict with those you loved most? Have you ever felt discouraged that what God called you to do was beyond your ability? Have you ever felt that life as a believer was not getting any easier, and that victories too quickly gave way…

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He Has Risen
Author: Lynn Wein

Thank you, darling,” Sophie would say as I handed her the can of soda. It had been our usual routine for the past year. Every time I visited with this elderly woman I would bring her an ice-cold 7-Up and she would smile gratefully. Two years earlier another Jews for Jesus staff worker had visited…

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God’s Truth Vs. Worldly Uncertainty
Author: Moishe Rosen

Believers today need to contend for the facts. Time after time, Jews for Jesus is confronted by non-believers (often rabbis on radio or television talk shows) who would impugn our character. That is a signal to us that the person does not want to grapple with the issues. Instead, by discrediting us as the messengers,…

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A Gift Of Redemption At Passover
Author: Peter Rice

Each spring during the Easter season most of the missionary staff of Jews for Jesus take to the road for what we call Passover Tours.” Although much of our tour ministry involves speaking in churches to explain the christological significance of the Passover meal, they are very much evangelistic tours as well. Jewish people invited…

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