Getting the Word Out Fast!

In a recent issue of this Newsletter (Volume 4:5749) we featured our Production and Art departments as we explained the many ways we publish glad tidings.” Some may wonder why we go to the trouble of doing our own printing when many other ministries use outside services for their production needs. The answer, in just one word, is timeliness.

A good example is last January’s Super Bowl contest between the Cincinnati Bengals and the San Francisco Forty-Niners. Before the game we had our art department prepare two broadsides—one if the Forty-Niners won, and the other if they lost. We also left blank portions to be filled in with the proper details during and after the game. Some of our staff watched the game and recorded those details while others were getting the presses ready to roll. By 9 p.m., slightly less than three hours after the game ended, we had filled in the blank spaces, had printed 10,000 of the”winning” broadside, and were on the streets of San Francisco handing them out to celebrating fans. Our presses continued to roll, and by midnight we had printed enough tracts for the next day. That morning we distributed them during the morning commute, and that afternoon we hit the victory parade on Market Street, which is one of San Francisco’s major downtown thoroughfares. We were able to communicate the gospel in a very timely way as we handed out a total of 25,000 broadsides with a very current topic of interest.

These photos are a graphic example of “getting the word out fast.” It might seem that the title of our broadside mirrors the San Francisco Examiner’s headline, but ours was out first—15 hours earlier, to be exact! This kind of effective timeliness is why we go to the trouble of having our own printing facility at headquarters, and why we require each of our Jews for Jesus branches to have its own printing press.

Praise God for allowing us the resources to be in the right place at the right time and for giving us the means of “getting the word out fast!”

Editor’s Note: Rande Spiegelman is our office manager at Jews for Jesus Headquarters, and he, too, is good at “getting the word out fast.” Rande supplied the copy for this article within hours of receiving our request so that we could print it in this particular issue of the Newsletter. Yeah, Rande! We’re glad you’re on our team!


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