Late in January, Jews for Jesus received the following letter from a lady in Colorado:

Dear Moishe Rosen,

This letter is a bit slow in being formulated since it’s in response to something you wrote in the Volume 1:5749 issue of the Jews for Jesus Newsletter. I appreciate your articles and the thought provoking way you have of approaching or introducing a topic, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I ran into two sentences on page 2:

Jesus was no weakling. Yet many artists make him look like a well-groomed, pleasant, bearded woman.”

I’m a female. I’ve never considered myself a “women’s libber,” but I gotta admit, your equating women with weakness really rubbed me wrong. If you have a logical explanation or defense I’d be delighted to hear it.

L. W.
La Jara, Colorado

In response Moishe writes:

When I read that letter, my first response was to say, “No, I didn’t equate femininity with weakness, but with fineness, smallness, and delicateness, in contrast to Jesus whom I picture as being more brawny and having calloused hands, a large nose, etc.” Then I realized that was just a cop-out. I could make it sound as though I didn’t think women were weak, but my friend in Colorado caught me. She’s right. I must remember that while women generally tend to be physically smaller and more delicate and “prettier” in appearance, that does not make them weaker in character, stamina or resolve. I also have to remember that it doesn’t matter what Yeshua looked like. I offer my apologies to anyone else I may have offended by my statement.

Editor’s response: You’re right, L.W.! My goodness, how did I let that get by me?