QUESTION: When I tried to witness to my Jewish friend, he said, Christianity is not an option for us Jews. Gentiles have done horrible things to the Jewish people in the name of your Jesus. We Jews cannot identify with the faith of those who have persecuted our people down through the ages.” How should I have responded to that?

ANSWER: This argument avoids the real issue, which is who Jesus is. Jesus claimed to be the Messiah and predicted that he would return from the dead. The fact that he did return from the dead validates his claim of Messiahship. If he is indeed the Messiah, then everything that he said about human sin and our need for a sin bearer is also true. No matter what some have done “in his name” that cannot detract from who he is and what he requires of us.

It is not our job as believers to defend the injustices performed by others, whether they were believers or merely so-called believers, nor to discuss the superiority of one religious system over another. In presenting the gospel to unbelievers we must focus on one issue: Was Jesus who he said he was, if so, all must follow him.


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