WANTED: Someone to set the minds of our Jewish mothers at ease.

The Liberated Wailing Wall spends the majority of its time ministering in churches and sharing the gospel on college campuses and busy street corners. The team travels across the country in a large Greyhound-type bus that has been converted” (of course!) into a motor home.

Right now the team has no bus driver/sound person, and they have undertaken the task of driving the bus themselves. It’s not that they are bad drivers, it’s just that the team already keeps a very busy schedule, and often the driver must drive all night to their next destination. Not having a regular bus driver places an added burden on the group. Imagine the conversation when one of the team members calls home:

MOM: So, tell me, are you eating and sleeping?


MOM: And the driver of the bus, he’s a good safe driver?

LWW MEMBER: Yes, he was, but he completed his term of service, and we’re between bus drivers right now.

MOM: How nice! They’re giving you a little vacation until the new bus driver comes?

LWW MEMBER: No, Mom. We’re continuing on, and three of us take turns driving the bus.

MOM: Don’t move from that spot—I’m coming right out!

Since we don’t have room for all seven of our mothers to join us on the bus, we were hoping that one of you out there might join us instead. That way, our mothers could sleep at night (and so could we)! Maybe one of you out there has skills in bus driving and maintenance and/or sound engineering, and you didn’t know you were needed. Well, we need you RIGHT NOW!!!

If you qualify in any way for this position or know someone else who does, please write to Jodee Steiner, Liberated Wailing Wall Home Secretary, 60 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94102. She will be HAPPY to send you more detailed information!


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