April 1988 Newsletter (5748:7)

The Miracles of Passover
April 1, 1988
Author: Avi Snyder

At Passover we Jews sing a special song called Dayenu!” That’s Hebrew for “It is sufficient,” or “It is enough for us!” This joyous song recounts the miracles God performed on our behalf as he redeemed us with a mighty hand and an...

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Hebrew Roots and Christian Beginnings
Topics: passover

I find it really exciting to present the message of Christ in the Passover” in churches. The congregations are usually glad to know the history of this Jewish feast. They are pleased to see the elements of a modern Jewish celebration, and, of course, are...

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I Remember Passover

Preparations had been going on for many days. The house was thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom. Actually, I don’t think cleaning” adequately describes my mother’s approach to housework. Watching my mom descend on a room to clean it was like...

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God Gives the Increase
Topics: passover
Author: Holly R.

Sarah is almost afraid to believe in Jesus. She is past 70 and has been taught that belief in Jesus would be a denial of her Jewish identity,” I explained to Ellen, who was a new staff member. We had spent the morning together in a training exercise as we...

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We’re Glad You Asked…

QUESTION: When I tried to witness to my Jewish friend, he said, Christianity is not an option for us Jews. Gentiles have done horrible things to the Jewish people in the name of your Jesus. We Jews cannot identify with the faith of those who have persecuted our people...

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A Short Message from Moishe
Author: Moishe Rosen

Have you noticed? Something’s different in our Newsletter this month. I had an editorial all ready to go for the front page, and then we received such a good article about Passover from Avi Snyder that I felt we just had to use it for our cover piece. I had been...

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WANTED: Someone to set the minds of our Jewish mothers at ease. The Liberated Wailing Wall spends the majority of its time ministering in churches and sharing the gospel on college campuses and busy street corners. The team travels across the country in a large...

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