Passover Banquet Opportunities

If you have never come to one of the Passover Banquets that we sponsor at each of our Jews for Jesus branches, you have missed an opportunity! Not only have you missed the opportunity to enjoy and learn from the event personally, but you have missed an evangelistic opportunity by not inviting your Jewish and Gentile unbelieving friends to join you.

To encourage you to bring friends to one of our banquets let me tell you about a few of the women I invited to our Boston banquet.

Lila and Jane are two Jewish women in their fifties who are close friends. Marianne is also Jewish, in her thirties and married to a Christian man from a Lutheran background. I arranged the seating at the banquet and placed all three women at the same table. Seated with them were a minister and his wife, two other Gentile Christians, a Jewish believer who is a seminary student, and another married couple where the wife is a Jewish believer. The opportunities for conversations were numerous, and as I talked with each person during and after the banquet, I was excited to hear just how well things went.

Lila and Jane kept quite busy talking with the student and one of the Christian couples and learning from the Passover service. Lila told me that she knew all about the traditions of Passover because she had grown up in an Orthodox Jewish home, but until she had attended our banquet, she had not known what any of it really meant! She said that this was the best Passover seder she had ever attended, and she had been to many. Also, after what she had learned through the service, and after her conversations with the Christians at her table, she was convinced that she had better investigate the Bible that she had been meaning to read” ever since the two of us had bought it about four months earlier. Jane decided that maybe she also should get herself a Bible with large print so she could read it. (She didn’t have the opportunity to do that because one of the Christians at her table did it for her and had it sent to her house the very next day!) Jane had also confided to that lady after the banquet that she had come to the conclusion that Jesus is the Messiah.

The Passover banquet also had an effect on Marianne. She loved the service because she said she had learned so much. She was also happy to learn that the pastor at her table knew the minister of the church she attended from time to time with her husband. Marianne admitted that she really wanted to believe in Jesus, but her stumbling block was the reaction she would face from her family. Her father had passed away a number of years earlier, and Marianne felt that she could not believe because he had not believed.

The pastor was able to minister to Marianne, and then the other Jewish Christian lady at the table was able to tell Marianne (and also Jane and Lila who were listening) how she had overcome the stumbling blocks that had kept her from believing. She told her story and how God had met her need.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening. I pray that Marianne, Jane and Lila will all come to know the Lord soon. Then one day they, too, will be inviting some of their families and unbelieving friends to similar banquets and other evangelistic functions. How about you? If you live near one of our branch offices, can you come to one of our banquets and bring some of your friends?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ellen and her husband Tuvya recently left our Boston branch to join our Jews for Jesus headquarters staff in San Francisco. They are also the happy parents of a brand new son, Jesse Meier.


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