April 1987 Newsletter (5747:6)

Who Are the Ten Lost Tribes?
April 25, 2018

On several occasions I have heard mention of the Ten Lost Tribes.” I was told that this referred to the ten northern tribes of Israel. Were they really lost? And if so, how can certain prophetic scriptures regarding Israel still be fulfilled?

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The Rest of the Story…
April 1, 1987
Topics: passover
Author: Moishe Rosen

There is a certain radio news commentator whose style I enjoy. He tells things in such an interesting way. In one of his features, The Rest of the Story, he gives down-home” accounts of sometimes ordinary and sometimes historically monumental incidents. He...

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The Almost Aborted Nation
Author: Ed Berman

The time is approaching when Jewish people everywhere celebrate Passover (Pesach in Hebrew). The holiday, beginning on the 15th day of Nisan and lasting a week, commemorates the redemption of the Jewish nation from Egyptian slavery. From its inception in the days of...

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Christ Is Risen—So What?

From even a cursory reading of the New Testament, it becomes apparent that the Resurrection of Christ was the central truth which occupied the minds and dynamized” the lives of the early Christians. Yet it seems that today’s believers have lost a sense of...

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A Time to Remember
Author: Amy Millenson

I think that some Jewish believers tend to feel more comfortable celebrating Christmas than they do celebrating Easter. I think this is because Christmas in America has become secularized to the point where it is more acceptable to many Jewish people, even those who...

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Bringing Someone Alongside
Topics: passover

Many times our work in Jews for Jesus involves bringing someone alongside,” and that is a very satisfying part of our work. Scheduled to present a Christ in the Passover demonstration at a church in Connecticut, I felt it was a good occasion to bring someone...

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Passover Banquet Opportunities

If you have never come to one of the Passover Banquets that we sponsor at each of our Jews for Jesus branches, you have missed an opportunity! Not only have you missed the opportunity to enjoy and learn from the event personally, but you have missed an evangelistic...

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Passover—An Opportunity You Should Not Pass Over

Many of our newer friends are unaware that Jews for Jesus has another nationwide publication besides this Newsletter. It is designed expressly for Jewish people who might be willing to consider the claims of Jesus. Appropriately called ISSUES, it explores contemporary...

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No Longer Empty
Topics: passover
Author: Holly R.

I believe you are the promised Messiah, God and Savior. I give you my life, and I will obey you. Show me your way and confirm your will in my life…in Jesus.” Dorothy kept her head bowed, and I saw a tear fall to her lap. I waited and prayed silently. How could...

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Drinking From the Cup of Redemption
Author: Bette Caley

As a Jewish believer in Messiah Jesus, I find a special significance in Passover. Of course I have fond memories of our family gatherings around the seder table, and my father’s off-key chanting of the Exodus story in Hebrew. But it has been only in the last...

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