Each year during the Easter/ Passover season we Jews for Jesus missionaries leave our branches in the major metropolitan areas of the U.S.A. and spend two or three weeks in places less filled with Jewish people. We do this to speak in churches and present Christ in the Passover.” Our purpose is twofold: We try to communicate our evangelistic vision to Christians so that they will become involved with us in reaching Jewish people for Christ by prayer, giving and witnessing. In addition, we ourselves are also able to witness directly to Jewish people in those distant regions.

For me, one such ministry tour involved a Jewish man named Jerry. Jerry’s Gentile wife had only recently become convinced about Jesus. Although she had grown up in a Christian environment, she had never personally accepted the Lordship of Yeshua for herself until a few weeks before I met them. They had called our San Francisco office to find out when one of our speakers might be in their area down South and were told that I would be there the very next day. When I checked with San Francisco to see if there were any specific duties I should undertake while I was in that town, they told me about Jerry and his family. I telephoned, and they were thrilled to be able to meet me the next day at the church where I would be speaking.

That evening my presentation depicted the Jewish roots of Communion and the Last Supper, the Passover meal that Yeshua observed with his disciples before his crucifixion. Already the flavor of the evening was Jewish, and Jerry felt quite comfortable. Afterwards Jerry and I conversed for quite a long time about the issue of whether or not Jesus was the Jewish Messiah. Jerry had never really considered it for himself, and it was all so new to him. He promised that he would pray and ask God to show him if Jesus were really all that his wife and I were saying.

This year during Passover season I am returning to the same area of the country where Jerry and his wife live. I would ask prayer for him to receive the answer to his questions. I believe that God loves to answer that kind of sincere prayer.

If you have a Jewish friend you would like us to contact, or to whom you would like to witness, check to see if one of our speakers or teams will be in your area, or send us your friends’ names and addresses so we can contact them. It’s a joy for us to team-witness together with our Gentile friends to our Jewish people. For their sake, let’s work together!