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In my life as a missionary hardly a day goes by that I don’t spend time with pen and paper in hand. There are just so many things that need to be said to so many people. Writing as a means of communication has a firm foundation in the Scriptures. Did you ever stop to think that much of what we now call our Bible was at one time someone’s correspondence? To most believers who know and love the Bible, this fact does not come as a surprise. So, if it’s such common knowledge, why don’t we all take more of this hint that the written page is a powerful and effective way to spread God’s message?

The printed page is fine. That includes gospel tracts and media ads, both of which are wonderfully effective. But somehow there is nothing quite so special as one-to-one communication—a personal letter from a friend.

At first it might seem strange to you to write to your next-door neighbor. But then, why not? You could tell him or her how much you enjoyed your last conversation, their hospitality or their friendship. You’d be surprised at the difference such a note can make. If you want to strengthen a relationship or emphasize a point you made in your last conversation, drop a postcard in the mail or tack a note to your friend’s door or mailbox. Then wait and see what happens.

Throughout my work week, I meet with many people. The circumstances of my visits vary, but they usually have one thing in common: sooner or later the subjects of God and the messiahship of Jesus must be raised. Needless to say, these are rather large subjects to discuss. I never feel that I have said all that needs to be said, and I often feel that the person didn’t completely understand what I tried to communicate. What can I do about that? I can let it go until the following week and my next visit, or I can pick up my pen and write. Whether I simply jot a few lines on a postcard or type a few pages on the typewriter, I can be reasonably sure of three results: those who receive my communication will be surprised to hear from me; they will be appreciative of the time I took to write; and the next time we meet, they will be open to discussing what I wrote.

Why don’t you try it, too? Pick up a pen or sit down at a typewriter and write to someone. Tell him or her that you appreciate their friendship. Tell them that you love them. Better yet, tell them that Yeshua loves them. Then sit back and watch for results.

Editor’s note: Joshua Moss led the Liberated Wailing Wall until December, 1985. He and our staff missionary, the former Gina Ciavolino, also a past member of the Liberated Wailing Wall, were married on December 28, 1985. Josh and Gina are now stationed at our Los Angeles Branch.


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