Is it possible for a person to be Ie to Christ through the ministry of an unbeliever? I would think not, or at least not very often. Yet I know of one city where that very thing may be happening soon.

Our mobile evangelistic team, the Liberated Wailing Wall, was there for several days. The team sang in a couple of churches and distributed about 4000 of our gospel broadside tracts in the downtown area. We also had the opportunity to telephone a number of the Jewish people in the area who had been receiving our publication ISSUES, A MESSIANIC JEWISH PERSPECTIVE.

It was through this local telephone follow-up to our ISSUES ministry that I had a chance to speak to Leonard. He had been receiving ISSUES for about a year and a half, and he said that he particularly enjoyed reading the scholarly articles.

I believe that Jesus may have been a messiah, but I certainly can’t believe that he is God,” Leonard told me.

I think everyone would agree that this statement definitely classifies Leonard as an unbeliever—open, yes—nevertheless an unbeliever. However, it was what Leonard had to say next that really caught me off guard.

He began by saying that a few years previously he had become disillusioned with the teaching in the synagogues. “There was a whole lot of rabbinic tradition and very little Bible,” he said. He told me that if there had still been any Karaites around, he would have become one of them. (The Karaites were Jews who rejected the rabbinic teaching, hoping to keep more closely to the Bible.) Leonard had decided that he would start a Bible study on his own, and that was exactly what he did.

At first, only a few people had showed up week by week. But now between 15 and 20 Jewish people attended each time.

“I often read articles from ISSUES to the group,” he said. “It really sparks some lively discussions!”

Can you imagine that? A roomful of unbelieving Jewish people sit down together to read and discuss ISSUES, which is specifically designed to lead them to serious consideration of Yeshua as Messiah and Savior! I am certainly praying for that little Bible study group now that I know about it. Who knows? Maybe they’ll invite one of our ISSUES authors to come and teach their Bible study some day. And more important than that, if their hearts are open and hungry for the truth, the Holy Spirit surely will guide them into a knowledge of their Messiah.