April 1985 Newsletter (5745:6)

God’s Freedom Trail
April 1, 1985
Author: Moishe Rosen

Some rabbis who prefer to de-emphasize the blood-redemption aspect of Passover refer to it as the Festival of Freedom. Unfortunately, those who hear such a one-sided presentation can easily acquire a wrong idea of the freedom that God intended for the blood-bought...

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Service and Self-Interest
Topics: poetry
Author: Avi Snyder

A popular hymn capsulizes the essence of Mark 10:44 by exhorting, If you want to be great in God’s kingdom, learn to be the servant of all.” It’s a lovely song and the words are so true. So why don’t we take them more seriously? Servanthood is...

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Author: Doris Owens

by Toby Toad (also known as Doris Owens) Two caterpillars munched on leaves And spoke of many things; Cocoons and cabbage, tales of old That one day they’d have wings. I like my life on earth, “one said. “And all the stuff I’ve got. A worm I am...

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Interesting Facts About the Book of Psalms

Authorship of the Psalms Although only 73 psalms may be traced surely to David and are attributed to him, early Jewish tradition attributed the entire book to him. The psalms are commonly called The Psalms of David.” This is generally borne out by ancient Jewish...

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Making Peace with God

She approached me at the end of the church service. Her name was Ruth. My father is Jewish and my mother is a Christian,” she said. “They told me that I could choose whichever religion I wanted, so I’d like to talk about it.” Ruth had a basic...

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A Unique Bible Study

Is it possible for a person to be Ie to Christ through the ministry of an unbeliever? I would think not, or at least not very often. Yet I know of one city where that very thing may be happening soon. Our mobile evangelistic team, the Liberated Wailing Wall, was there...

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Counting the Cost
Author: Kala Weinberg

As part of my missionary duties with the New York branch of Jews for Jesus, I met a certain Jewish woman who was very interested in the gospel. She had several relatives who had given their lives to Yeshua, as well as a few Gentile friends who were committed...

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Bare Feet
Author: Lee Fraum

When I told my Christian friends that I was going on staff with Jews for Jesus and that I would be serving with the New Jerusalem Players mobile evangelistic team, the almost uniform response was, Hey, God is really going to bless you,” or the more vernacular...

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We’re glad You Asked…

QUESTION: I was discussing messianic prophecy with my Jewish friend at his home and tried to use his family Bible instead of my own so that he would feel more comfortable. I found it very difficult to find passages quickly, as the order of the books seemed to be...

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Emotions Run High at Easter
Author: Joshua Moss

Last year during the final week of Lent, I visited a certain large church to present Christ in the Passover. It was their custom during this season to read a relatively long section of the Passion narrative before the sermon, and I sat alone on the platform as the...

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A Decision That Calls for a Choice

Choices, decisions, choices, decisions! Making decisions is one of the most difficult problems of life. The biggest, most important decision that anyone can face is whether or not to follow the Messiah Jesus. Everyone has the option to decide for or against him. We at...

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An Education in Tract Distribution
Author: Rich Robinson

One of the most famous places in the Los Angeles area is Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, where movie stars have set their footprints in cement and busloads of tourists come to gaze at them. (It became famous many years ago as Grauman’s Chinese...

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