You’ll notice in this issue of the newsletter, we have included reports from all of our branch ministries. But much of the Jews for Jesus work is MOBILE EVANGELISM. Following are previously unpublished statements:


Steve Cohen says the best food he ever tasted was in Frankenmuth , Michigan , and the worst weather he ever experienced was in Lemon, South Dakota .

Everyone agreed that Christian fellowship is one of the nicest things about any city.

Barry Rubin says Minneapolis , Minnesota , has the softest bagels in the country but great opportunities for evangelism.

Everyone agreed that good witnessing opportunities make any city a good place to visit.

Melissa Moskowitz says the scariest-looking bugs she ever saw were in Tallahassee , Florida and the prettiest road on which she ever drove was outside of Alsea , Oregon .

Everyone agreed that. they’d rather be in the South in the winter and the North in the summer than vice versa.

Jeff Fritz says the worst drinking water was in Amarillo , Texas and the best lodging he ever had was in Cheyenne , Wyoming .

Lyn Bond says the most confusing freeways are in Los Angeles , California and the easiest city in which to get around is Lubbock , Texas .

Kresha Warnock says her favorite city is Anchorage , Alaska and the worst weather was in Miami , Florida .

Moishe Rosen says he likes any city as long as it’s got Wheaton College .

Actually, when all is said and done, any city is a great city when you’re there with Jesus.