Curious About Christ

As Moishe Rosen and I drove through West Palm Beach , I pointed out the rows of condominiums that line the streets of the city. I explained that many of them have a majority of Jewish residents. I was frustrated because I wanted to be able to do something to reach out and tell these people about the Messiah, but that seemed humanly impossible because only people on official business are permitted to enter those condominiums. Moishe suggested that the best way to reach those Jewish residents would be through Christians who live and work in the area with them. At the time of my conversation with Moishe, I didn’t know it, but when I checked my speaking schedule, I found that I would be speaking in a church in West Palm Beach within a couple of weeks.

On the day of the meeting, I was excited that I was able to encourage many people about witnessing to their Jewish friends. I wasn’t disappointed because the church had placed a small ad in the paper announcing the meeting, and there were even several visitors who came to hear me. When the meeting ended, a man in his early 40’s walked up to me and introduced himself as a local doctor. He said he was Jewish and not a believer in Jesus. He added that he was curious about Jews for Jesus, so we sat down and talked.

"For all practical purposes," he began, "I’m a success. I’ve got a good wife, healthy children, and I’m a doctor. But," he paused, "something is missing in my life, and I have the feeling the answer is God."

Inwardly, I shouted, "Praise the Lord! God is so great!" But outwardly I was a little more subdued. Then I shared some Bible verses with the doctor and set up an appointment to meet him again soon. "I don’t charge for house calls," I told him jokingly.

Please pray for Doctor D., that he might find the doctor of his soul, Jesus the Messiah.

Editor’s Note: PRAISE THE LORD − After Baruch sent in this prayer request, he met again with Dr. D. At that meeting, the doctor received Christ, and as of this writing, he’s studying the Bible and beginning to grow in his faith.


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