I was handing out literature at O’Hare Airport a few weeks ago when a young woman dashed by me . She was about 22 years old and was wearing jeans, a cowboy hat and boots. I don’t want any of that garbage!” she yelled.

I smiled as I raised my voice to respond . “Are you against Jews or against Jesus? ” I asked.

She kept walking, but turned quickly toward me and said, “I’m Jewish, and I hate Jesus,”

Quickly, while she was still in earshot (she had slowed her pace), I responded , “Why hate Jesus for what some have done in His name? What if someone took your hat and robbed a bank while wearing it? Should people blame you?” She stopped, flashed a relaxed smile, and walked on.

A few minutes later, a man who had overheard this interchange came over to me. He congratulated me on the way I had handled the girl. As we talked, I discovered he didn’t know Jesus personally, though he occasionally attended church. My conversation with the cowgirl gave him a few things to think about, too.

Within minutes, another man came over. This man was a Christian, and it was good to have someone come by who was encouraged by all he had just seen.

I’m sure there were many others who were affected by that brief encounter . Often, one conversation leads to many others (not to mention the unseen effects ). Pray for this cowgirl, who was unwittingly used by God to help spread His Word.

“”rn”Outtakes Issue No.3”