A Decision To Make

As a missionary recently appointed to our New York branch, one of my responsibilities has been determining the "spiritual temperature" of people who have given us their names in the past. This involves making phone calls, introducing myself and initiating some dialogue.

I made one such call, which became a great blessing to me. Our files told me that one of our evangelists had met Mrs. W. on the street, and she seemed open to the Gospel. Subsequently, another of our missionaries had met with her, and they had prayed together for her husband and daughter, who were both ill. Since then, however, contact had lapsed.

She was home when I called, and after I introduced myself, she told me that she had not contacted us again because her husband had discouraged her from doing so. As a matter of fact, he soon picked up on the extension and I had both of them on the line.

Mrs. W. proved to be spiritual fruit ripe for the picking. She had read the Gospels and wept because of the beauty of our Lord’s life and (to her) the tragedy of His death. One question she asked particularly revealed to me what tenderhearted feelings she had acquired for the Gospel. She asked, " If God loved His Son, why did He let Him suffer so ?"

I was in the middle of answering that precious question when her husband decided there were other issues to discuss. His basic accusation was that we couldn’t be Jews and be for Jesus. His wife disagreed gently, and I disagreed respectfully but more forcefully, but for the time being at least, he was unwilling to reconsider his position.

If Mrs. W. had been on the phone alone, I might have been able to lead her to faith in the Savior. However, her husband stood in the way. Though he was gruff, he was cordial to me during our contact, and I believe that he, too, may come to respect and seek Jesus.

Please pray for me as I continue to minister to this couple, and pray that Mrs. W. and her skeptical husband will soon come into the Kingdom.


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