A Jewish woman prayed with one of our evangelists to receive the Lord...via FaceTime! We were bowled over by this story and hope you will be encouraged by it, too. Here’s how it happened:

Leah grew up in a very religious Orthodox Jewish home in an Orthodox neighborhood of New York City. She is 29 years old, lives with her parents and recently decided she no longer wants to follow Orthodox Judaism, though she still believes in God. In fact, Leah told her parents—who have been trying to arrange a marriage for her—that she doesn’t want to get married until she figures out what she believes.

Meanwhile, a Christian co-worker, who had been talking to her about Jesus, gave Leah a study Bible. Leah was attracted to Jesus, so much so that she searched the Internet to find other Jews who believe in Him. She landed on our New York branch’s Facebook page and left a message saying she’d like to talk with someone. Our New York branch leader, Aaron Abramson, responded and put her in touch with Laura Barron from our Toronto branch. Laura is especially interested (and has been gaining experience) in reaching out to Orthodox women.

Laura and Leah agreed to visit via FaceTime every week to study the Bible together. Laura recalls their weekly meeting, “Leah always FaceTimes from her car—that way no one overhears us and she can read from the New Testament and pray with complete freedom. We met three times before she was ready to pray to receive Yeshua; I was going to wait to ask her, but she asked me straightforwardly, ‘How can I be saved?’ So of course I told her, and she eagerly accepted the invitation.

“We continue to meet every week, but while I was away in Israel, I connected her with Jennifer (a friend of our ministry who previously served on staff with Jews for Jesus). Jen has met with her twice already for discipleship. Leah loves reading the Bible in English—and understanding it for the first time—and is eager to connect with other believers.”

For those of you who are believers in Jesus, imagine yourself living in a community where faith in Him is forbidden and can cost you your dearest relationships. Please pray for Leah, and also for Laura and Jen’s ongoing ministry to her? Pray that Leah will continue to grow in grace and faith, and that God will prepare, guide and sustain her when she tells her parents that she believes in Messiah Jesus. Please let us know you are onboard with your comments and by sharing this post with others who can pray for Leah. Thank you!