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Ever since we added the “chat with us live” feature to our website, we’ve been chatting away with people of all faiths and backgrounds. From college students doing research for their comparative religion papers to anti-missionaries who want to heckle our staff, the questions and conversations our missionaries get are no less intense then those they would hear out in the streets sharing about Jesus.

The ultimate purpose of our LiveChat platform is for Jewish people to have their questions about Jesus answered by a real person in an open and authentic manner. And that’s exactly what happened with a Jewish man named Gary*.

Gary had been dabbling in New Age beliefs and practices for years when he started to be drawn to the gospel through YouTube videos. He went on the Jews for Jesus website and began to chat with one of our missionaries. By the end of the chat, Gary had prayed to put his faith in Jesus as his personal Messiah.

We wanted to follow up with Gary in person after this powerful online encounter. We connected him with David Liebman, a missionary at our Washington, D.C. branch, who has been meeting with Gary since then for discipleship. Just a few weeks ago, some of our staff attended Gary’s baptism at a local church. Praise God, who uses all methods to make His message known!

Are you interested in being trained to proclaim the gospel to our Jewish people online? Why not consider being part of our Network Evangelism Team (NET)? NET is a group of trained volunteers who share the gospel with online seekers through social media, chat rooms, blogs, and other internet platforms. Find out more!

*Not his real name

Gary’s baptism


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