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Bob Mendelsohn “met” Jerry* online a couple of weeks ago. Bob was in Sydney, Australia (he leads our work there) and Jerry was on the East Coast of the US. Both were on their computers; Jerry was visiting our website and Bob was logged into our Live Chat program. As with many websites, when visitors linger on a particular page, we can greet them and ask if they have a question. The message pops up, along with the friendly face of whichever missionary or volunteer is logged into the program. Anyway, here’s Bob’s story:

“Jerry is a young professional. His question centered on the Trinity, on the nature of God Himself, and was clearly a deep thought from a deep thinker. I answered his query, and then we chatted a bit more about his other questions. Our discussion turned to who Jerry thought Jesus was, and Jerry turned out to be a religious Jew who admired Jesus, albeit from afar.

“I gave him a link to my story, which he read. We wrote a bit more that morning (for me) and evening (for him). A few days later I received an email from Jerry, expressing further interest and asking more questions. I wrote back, then went on a speaking tour in the US. During the first couple days I asked prayer for Jerry from people in the churches. Then I sent Jerry an email asking if he would like to discuss the matter in person, on the phone, that is. (We were still 1,000 miles away from each other.) He agreed.

“We spent 25 minutes on the phone, going over new territory, discussing other issues. Jerry has read both the Older and Newer Testaments. He is a religious Jew who is very involved in his congregation and in the wider Jewish community. I’m asking you to pray for Jerry’s salvation. And please consider referring Jewish friends to our website. We are hoping to connect with them there.”

*not his real name

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