Journeying for Jesus: from Israel to India

Journeying for Jesus: from Israel to India

“When I told Noa—an Israeli atheist in her mid-thirties—that we are Jews who believe in Jesus, she said, ‘I thought so.’ And when I asked what she meant, she responded, ‘You’re nice and you’re smiling a lot.’ From there, our conversation got to more real things, deeper things about God, spirituality, life . . . Jesus. Please pray for Noa.” —Liz Goldstein

We’re helping to beautify Florentin by capturing water that drips from air conditioners

Liz is one of the leaders of our Massah program, which is happening right now! Massah (which means “Journey” in Hebrew) is a summer evangelism and discipleship program for young adults who are Jewish and believe in Jesus. The journey begins in Israel and continues in India.

Another of our Massah leaders, Giselle Le’Aupepe Bruce, says, “This year we are adding ‘The Florentin initiative’ as a new component to our program in partnership with our Moishe Rosen Center. We’re excited to start a recycling and sustainability program in the neighborhood. This gives our team an opportunity to connect with our immediate community in a meaningful way and continue to build the relationships we have here.

“Liz, my husband David and I have also managed to connect with some of the people who gave us their contact info during our Behold Your God Jerusalem outreach in May. We’re also meeting up with people we’ve met during previous years of Massah and continuing to share the gospel with them.

People writing on the “wall of thanks”

“Our team is quickly bonding and growing in their faith as well as learning how to share that faith on the streets of Tel Aviv. You can see in the pictures how we invited people to write on our ‘wall of thanks’ as well as to draw on a blank canvas. These interactions open the door to conversations. Our first night out we had 36 interactions and sixteen substantial conversations about our faith in Yeshua (Jesus). Please pray for the Lord to water the gospel seed we are sowing.”


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