If God is for us, who can be against us?

If God is for us, who can be against us?

Liz Goldstein reports from Massah,

“Our bus to Manali was the good kind of uneventful, except for the last hour out of fifteen, where it felt like a horse walking uphill and struggling to get its footing. Every. Single. Step. After taking a day to adjust to our surroundings, the team was excited to begin sharing with the Israelis we met.

“We stayed in Manali a little more than a week, and it was not an easy week. Three of us were afflicted with ‘Delhi Belly’ (from our first destination in India), plus some regular sickness. One of our teammates needed to go home. Two of the guys from a very Orthodox religious Jewish organization in the area decided to follow one of our team, harassing him via video and photo. At one point, one of the guys took our group’s photo from the balcony of a nearby guesthouse as we gathered for our daily time of Bible study and prayer. I told one Israeli friend (who isn’t a believer), and he and his girlfriend accompanied me into the organization’s center to confront them. It turns out that the usual “house parents” had left a few weeks earlier, and these two nineteen-year-olds were attempting to run things.

“As our confrontation was taking place, two Indian police officers walked in! Turns out, the Indian kitchen staff had called the police to complain about the two guys. From that point, for the most part, the guys ignored us, but when they took another photo of one more of our team, I told them to delete it, and they did. I write all this not for the drama, but as a reminder of the spiritual component of what we’re doing here: sharing the gospel with those who do not know Yeshua and offering the invitation to a relationship with the God of Israel.

“Despite all these separate hardships, our team still boldly shared this message with strangers, fellow travelers, new and old friends.

“Please pray for our team morale, for travel safety, for the message to be shared clearly, for wisdom and health.”


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