Guess which Jewish people are most open of all to hearing about Jesus?

Guess which Jewish people are most open of all to hearing about Jesus?

Jews for Jesus has worked with the Barna Group on a groundbreaking survey to learn what Jewish Millennials have to say about their spiritual identity. Their answers are shocking—in a good way! They have debunked many myths and opened doors for us to engage in meaningful spiritual conversations.

We’re interacting in creative ways with what Jewish Millennials have told us. We launched this new postcard during our New York campus outreach last month, and our Los Angeles and Phoenix branches have also distributed it at their local college campuses.

We have also shared our findings through social media. It’s encouraging to see that this information is catching the attention of many Jewish people who are undecided about who Jesus is!

This information is also of interest (at least we think it should be) to Christians who really aren’t sure how to have meaningful spiritual conversations with Millennials, given some of the stereotypes buzzing around.

Have you ever noticed that Yeshua (Jesus) always understood exactly who He was talking to, and that what He knew about people made a difference in how He spoke to them?* He knew when to be gentle, when to be provocative, when to walk away. He always told the truth, but how much and in what ways differed according to His audience.

We can’t see into people’s hearts the way Yeshua did, but we can follow His example by doing our best to know who we’re talking to. We can listen to people individually but we can also learn how the times we live in tend to affect different age groups. That’s why, if you are interested in our top seven findings from Jewish Millennials about their spiritual identity, we invite you to learn more here. You’re going to be surprised—in a good way!

*If you are not familiar with how Jesus spoke to people, you might want to check out the accounts of His life in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.


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