God is saving Jewish people in Moscow!

God is saving Jewish people in Moscow!

Maxim Ammosov, leader of our Moscow branch, says, “Last month there was a big Hanukkah concert in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses. This hall seats 6,000 people, and each year it is packed—mostly with Jewish people. So of course we had to be there! We printed special evangelistic Hanukkah cards and had three staff and two volunteers handing them out at subway stations right by the Kremlin. Within two hours, we had handed out 2,000 cards, and 34 people (33 of whom were Jewish) had given us their contact information to hear more. Praise the Lord!

“We had no opposition at all. No policemen, no arguments. An anti-missionary who usually harasses us took a card from Ilya (one of our staff) and said nothing, then passed near me and again said nothing. It was a miracle—100% protection! Thank You, Jesus—all glory be to Him!

“During the outreach I greeted an elderly Jewish couple, saying, ‘Shalom and Happy Hanukkah! Would you like a book about Jewish doctors as a Hanukkah gift?’* The husband, gesturing to his wife Sophia, replied, ‘Oh, she is a doctor! Yes, we would like the book. Who is the editor?’

“‘Good question! We are Jews for Jesus,’ I answered, to which he exclaimed, ‘Yes, please send us the book!’ This couple seemed very open. Please pray with me for the salvation of Sophia and her husband.

“We also had a blessed Hanukkah celebration. One hundred and four adults attended, about two-thirds of whom were Jewish, and fifteen of whom were first-timers! Forty-six who attended gave us their contact information, including twenty Jewish people who don’t yet believe in Jesus as well as six Gentiles who don’t yet believe. That night, seven Jewish people and one Gentile prayed to receive Jesus. Praise the Lord!”

Would you please take a moment to pray for the eight new believers in Jesus in Moscow, and for those who don’t yet believe but are willing to hear more? We’d love it if you would “like” or comment on this story on our Facebook page to let us know you have prayed for the new believers, as well as for Sophia, her husband and the others who don’t yet believe but are willing to hear more. Please share this post if you have friends who will also pray!

*Here is the original English-language version of the book about Jewish doctors who believe in Jesus.


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