God is moving in Budapest!

God is moving in Budapest!

We’re excited to tell you stories of people we’re meeting on this year’s Budapest outreach!

“Jesus Made Me Kosher” T-shirt in Hungarian

Rebecca reports, “Sandra, a Hungarian Jewish woman, approached me, obviously ready to talk. Her mother, who converted to Judaism in order to marry her father, had been in contact with Jews for Jesus a few years ago. Sandra’s heart was open to the gospel, and my Hungarian teammate Monika prayed with her to receive Yeshua. Sandra is eager to hear from Jews for Jesus in the future. She was the first Jewish person to profess faith on this campaign.”

Mac  reports, “At Deák Ferenc tér, I approached a young woman named Gal to ask her a question, and she replied, ‘Sorry, but I’m leaving today.’ I told her not to worry, as I wanted to tell her about someone who would never leave her! She stopped, and I asked her who she thought Jesus was. She said ‘Sorry, but I’m Jewish.’ I said, ‘So am I. You’ve got an opinion on Him, right?’

“Gal looked surprised; she said that she’s from Tel Aviv and that they don’t really talk about Jesus in Israel. I asked her if she believed in the Tanakh (the Jewish Bible) and she said that she did. I showed her Psalm 22 and Isaiah 53, and she said that these passages seemed to be talking about Jesus. I explained the gospel and told her that someone in Israel would be more than happy to speak with her if she were interested, and she gave me her contact information. Please pray for Gal, that she would meet with our staff in Tel Aviv and, even more importantly, that she would meet her Messiah.”

Also from Mac, “When I asked two women what they thought about Jesus they told me that they were visiting from Berlin, where Jews for Jesus had asked them the same thing there a couple of weeks ago! All their friends had been approached, and they had all been talking about Jews for Jesus amongst themselves. They had questions, which I answered, and one, Friederike, gave us her contact information so she could hear more. Before we left, they both reiterated how much talk there had been about Juden für Jesus in their circles.”

Francoise says, “I spoke to a young man, Ahmed, a non-practicing cultural Muslim. I told him about Jesus, and Ahmed said that while he had a hard time believing these great things he was hearing, he wanted to believe. And so, word for word, Ahmed prayed the Sinner’s Prayer. Ahmed received Jesus, trusting Him to open up his mind to the truth, knowing He would reveal what Ahmed needed to know and do. I welcomed him into the heavenly family. I praise the Lord for our new brother!”

Piotr says, “More than 20 minutes had passed and people weren’t eager to take our tracts or talk with us. Our team gathered and we prayed: ‘In the name of Jesus Christ, we break the spirit of apathy in this place. Amen.’ Within an hour I was holding contact information from six people wanting more information about Jesus!”

Ildiko says, “Saturday morning we were at H?sök tere, a big square filled with tourists. We began to speak with people, but nobody wanted to talk to us about Jesus. We approached a couple who looked very kind; I greeted them and asked, ‘Who do you think Jesus is?’ They looked puzzled. I continued, ‘Have you heard about Jesus?’ They said something; then, with a wave of their hands, they went away without another word. My partner Gábor and I looked at each other, turned back and began to walk toward other people, praying as we went for God to give us good conversations.

“As we were praying in Hungarian, somebody behind us began to say, ‘Sorry, wait, wait.’ But we continued praying. Suddenly somebody touched my shoulder, and, when I turned, it was the wife who had just walked away from us. She and her husband are a Jewish couple from Israel, and after the conversation they gave us their contact information.”

We are so grateful for the Budapest team, including friends like you who are praying. With the campaign halfway over, fifteen people have prayed to receive the Lord, four of whom are Jewish. Thirty-eight Jewish people and 68 Gentiles have given us their contact information, and the team has handed out more than 80,000 gospel tracts. Praise God!


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