Find hope—and help—for Jewish-Gentile couples!

Find hope—and help—for Jewish-Gentile couples!

December poses a dilemma for many Jewish-Gentile couples.

One partner might be all aglow about sharing Christmas traditions, while the other feels like, “Okay…but can we please keep your religion out of it?” (As in, sleigh bells and Santa are fine, but baby Jesus and songs about Him bringing redemption? Not so much.)


One partner might be trying to explain, “No, Hanukkah really isn’t ‘the Jewish Christmas,’” while the other partner is thinking, “How can I be myself and also be supportive of your Jewish identity during this season?”

Many Jewish-Gentile couples are more aware than ever during this season of the cross-cultural challenges they face, and the sometimes seemingly impossible dream of finding spiritual harmony together.

When it comes to finding love and romance, research shows that 58% of Jewish people are choosing non-Jewish partners. Yet 75% of couples from two different sets of religious traditions experience marital dissatisfaction, often to the point of divorce.

Many Jewish-Gentile couples report that it’s tough to find people who can help them through their unique set of challenges. Where do you find a guide who respects the identity of both partners but enables them to communicate with each other—without trying to undermine or change either person’s core identity?

There’s probably not “an app for that,” but there is a new resource: Finding Spiritual Harmony in you Jewish-Gentile Relationship, by Jews for Jesus staff member Tuvya Zaretsky. This 58-page booklet includes stories and experiences from a variety of Jewish-Gentile couples as well as interactive sections to help partners address sensitive topics. It offers a wide range of resources for those seeking practical and tangible suggestions. Tuvya offers information, insight and practical communication tips without pressing his beliefs on his readers.

December doesn’t have to be such a dilemma for Jewish-Gentile couples. Order a copy of Finding Spiritual Harmony in your Jewish-Gentile Relationship for yourself or to pass on to a friend!


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