Dog-talk leads to God-talk in NYC

Dog-talk leads to God-talk in NYC

Carolyne Rohrig coordinates our Jews for Jesus volunteers throughout North America.* Every year in New York City, she trains a great group of new Co-Laborers in Messiah. And every year as the group gets to see some sights in the Big Apple, they find opportunities to share the love of Jesus. This year, one of the best opportunities was “facilitated” by Louie, a rather large grey standard poodle.

Carolyne, who loves dogs, was captivated by the beautiful dog and struck up a conversation with John, Louie’s owner. Eventually John, who by the way is Jewish, was curious about what Carolyne was doing in town. With a smile and a prayer, she asked if he had ever heard of Jews for Jesus, and it turns out that he hadn’t. Carolyne then asked if he’d looked at his own Scriptures to see if Jesus is the Jewish Messiah. “What Scriptures?” John wanted to know.

As Carolyne mentioned Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22, John was making notes on his smart phone. “I will read these when I get home,” he promised as they parted. But before long, he and Louie were back. “What if I have questions?” John asked. Carolyne assured him that she would be happy to stay in contact with him. And off he went… only to return one last time.

“This wasn’t a coincidental meeting, was it?” He wasn’t really asking. He knew.

“No, it wasn’t,” Carolyne agreed.

Thank God for dogs; they are some of the world’s best conversation starters! And please pray that God will open John’s heart to the truth of Yeshua (Jesus).

*Email Carolyne at: [email protected] if you want to learn more about volunteering with us.

Names are changed to protect privacy.


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