Cynthia is in heaven

Cynthia is in heaven

Back in December some of you prayed with us for Cynthia – the 100-year-old Jewish lady with a larger-than-life personality and a fashion sense to match – to come to know her Messiah. Our missionary Susan Perlman had flown from San Francisco to New York City to visit her.

In March, we reported that Cynthia had prayed to receive Jesus and was open to meeting with one of our local staff. Shoshannah Weinisch says, “Meeting with Cynthia has been one of the highlights of my ministry with Jews for Jesus. We met several times, and I remember how she laughed with delight when I told her that in heaven she would have a new body and would be able to dance again.

“Right before I left on my Passover tour, I brought some grape juice and matzah to Cynthia. I explained what Jesus was doing at Passover when He talked about the cup and the bread as His blood and His body sacrificed for our sin. I told her that those who believe this message remember what Jesus did by taking the bread and the cup with other believers, and I asked if she would like to do that with me. I said a few words of thanksgiving for what Jesus did, and we ate and drank together. Afterwards she patted her heart and said, ‘He took away all my anger.’”

And so Cynthia had her first and last communion with Shoshannah.

Her physical health began to deteriorate fairly quickly after that, but when Shoshannah sang traditional Jewish songs to her, Cynthia found the strength to mouth the words. And when Shoshannah told her that she didn’t have to be afraid, that Jesus was waiting to welcome her into heaven with open arms, Cynthia answered, “Thank you, that’s so wonderful,” over and over.

Shoshannah was with Cynthia the day she died, and she also attended the funeral.

Cynthia was not survived by any family that we know of, but through Jesus she is now part of God’s family and rejoicing in His presence. We are so very grateful to Lisa, the Christian friend from Dallas who invited us to be part of Cynthia’s journey to faith.


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