Broken baby buggy opens door to gospel

Berlin branch leader Aaron Lewin says,

“When the baggage handlers at the London airport destroyed our youngest daughter’s buggy, I never dreamed that it would turn out to be an opportunity for the gospel. Unable to fix the buggy, the insurance company gave us some money to buy a new one. My wife found a suitable secondhand one on eBay and proceeded to go and have a look at it with our three children.

Inside the seller’s home were articles of Judaica everywhere! The mom who was selling the buggy was Jewish, though her husband was not. They are bringing up their children to learn about Judaism and Christianity—albeit a nominal form of both. My wife was able to mention who we are and what we believed, adding that she thought I would be interested in going to synagogue with them sometime. The woman was enthusiastic and wants to keep in touch so that our two families can meet up. Please pray that this whole family would come to faith in the Messiah!”


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