Beach outreach: not just fun in the sun

Beach outreach: not just fun in the sun

Cyril Gordon has been heading up our seasonal outreaches on Venice Beach for sixteen years. As usual, this year’s Venice Beach outreach has given Cyril and his volunteers opportunities for meaningful conversations with all kinds of people.

Cyril says, “A gay couple, two Israeli men, stopped by our table with many questions about Jesus and allowed us to share with them from God’s Word. They took in as much as they could process and thanked us for clarifying how one can be Jewish and believe in Jesus. We invited them to seek the truth above all else and embrace the wonderful gift of salvation that God has for them. Please pray for them.

“Two Gentile men dressed like women also came to our table; one was from Egypt and prayed for salvation, and the other wanted prayer for healing. The Egyptian man even visited us again for more prayer soon afterwards. Please pray for these two men.

“A young Jewish Israeli named Louis, intrigued by our ‘Did Jesus Get Stoned?’ postcard, often visits us at our free literature table to chat. He is usually high on marijuana all day, but as he’s searching for meaning in life, he seems drawn to our table. We’ve had the chance to speak with him from God’s Word on several occasions. Even though he acts like he has it all figured out with his New Age philosophies and his tarot cards, he still comes back to hear more from the Bible. Please pray for his salvation as I meet with him one-on-one and continue to point him to what the Bible says about Jesus.

“A man named Mark was very excited to thank us for the free Bible we gave him at Venice Beach last year, when he was homeless and hopeless. When we first met him, Mark was a staunch atheist who was mad at the God he didn’t believe in. He read the Bible we gave him while walking along the beach that day and soon came to faith in Jesus. He’s now cleaned up, in church and in school. Seeing how God has worked so mightily in his life was very encouraging and helps us as we continue to pray for those we’ve ministered to this year.”



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