As a matter of chat...

As a matter of chat...

Last spring, Jews for Jesus Executive Director David Brickner, along with many of our staff, logged on to our website for some LiveChat during his Passover tour. David didn’t have much time—maybe an hour—but it was enough to connect with Bob, a Jewish man from West Rogers Park, Illinois. Bob was happy to continue the conversation with Jeremiah, the leader of our Chicago branch.

Last week David got some good news from Jeremiah: “Bob and I have been talking regularly since you gave me his contact info. He has come to faith—on Thanksgiving morning he confessed out loud that Jesus is Lord! He texted me the next day and said, ‘I’m one day old today!’ Two days later he came with me to church—his first time ever. Praise God!”

More and more people are finding LiveChat a terrific opportunity to carry on their spiritual search. The potential gain (exploring major life questions in a completely private setting) has very little, if any, downside. There are no onlookers to judge, no worries about high-pressure decision-making and, of course, people can end a chat quickly and easily whenever they choose.

People are even more eager to chat around the holidays. Last year during the holidays we chatted with five times more Jewish seekers than we connect with in an ordinary month. That’s great because our favorite way to celebrate our Messiah is to tell people who genuinely want to know why we love and trust Him!

Please pray that we’ll be able to meet the high chat demand throughout December and that we’ll connect with lots more people like Bob.

If you or someone you know is undecided and/or curious about Jesus, is an easy and “safe” place to ask questions and explore possibilities.

Names of people we meet are often changed to protect privacy.


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