Art opens hearts in Israel

Art opens hearts in Israel

Did you know that our Jews for Jesus Israel team is made up of several smaller teams? Valeriy Bolotov’s team reaches out to Russian-speaking Jews, including many new citizens who, like the team itself, have come from Russia and Ukraine. As our team learns to speak Hebrew and to understand the culture and history of Israel, they create opportunities for others to do the same. These opportunities continually lead to conversations about Yeshua (Jesus).

For example, Valeriy says, “Knowing that the painter Marc Chagall enjoys popularity among Russian-speaking Israelis, we planned an art event to present reproductions of his paintings. We heard about an artist in Jerusalem who was born in the same city as Chagall and has adopted his painting style. We asked her to share what she knew about the great artist with us and invited our contacts to the event.

“The day of the event came and, as people streamed in, I feared the room would be too small—but no one was turned away. The pictures created an atmosphere of beauty, benevolence and love. After the speaker finished her talk, visitors stayed to take a closer look at the paintings. People thanked us for introducing them to a completely different Chagall, one who—as it turned out—loved God and was well acquainted with the Scriptures. Twenty-five people filled out our survey forms, and all were enthusiastic. We have continued building relationships with them, taking every opportunity to have conversations about our faith.

“We were about to finish cleaning the hall we had rented when a man who lives in the same building came in and started a conversation. He had recently moved to Israel and was looking for spiritual fellowship, because, as he put it, he was searching for God. He left us his contact details and said that he would definitely come to our Hebrew learning club. Please pray for the gospel seeds we planted that night to grow in the hearts of our visitors.”


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