An Israeli Christmas

An Israeli Christmas

From our Tel Aviv branch, Eli Birnbaum reports, “This year we had a Christmas outreach at the Moishe Rosen Center. The first part of the outreach on Christmas Eve was for parents in the neighborhood and their two-year-olds. Twenty parents and ten kids showed up. They all got to do a Christmas craft, and the parents got to talk to our staff about the meaning of Christmas, as well as learn about our center and what we do. During the next week each of the parents thanked us personally for the event. My wife, Shoshana, and I have known these parents since our own son was born, but they had never before been interested in knowing about our faith.

“The second part of our outreach was a Christmas service and party. We sang three carols (one in English and two in Hebrew), we read from Isaiah 9 and Micah 5, and I gave a message about the meaning of Immanuel. Twenty-five people who don’t yet know Yeshua (Jesus) heard a gospel message. During the party after the message, everyone was asking about Jesus. I personally had a long conversation with one of the people who has been using our space to host an improvisational acting class. He had listened intently to the message. While he doesn’t believe in God, he allowed me to challenge his notion of morality and what is underlying his efforts to be a good person.

“During the event, I had a radio interview about why we celebrate Christmas, which I hope will reach many people. Please pray that people who came to our events will continue to ask questions and reflect on what they heard.”


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