A unique Jewish journey to Jesus

A unique Jewish journey to Jesus

Every journey to faith is unique, but we found this one especially interesting. Annette Sofaer from our Los Angeles branch explains, “Last October, a Christian named Kay asked us to get in touch with a long-time Jewish friend of hers, Barbara*. [That’s not the unique part—thankfully people often ask us to help share the gospel with their Jewish friends!—ed.]

“When I visited Barbara, I was perplexed by the wide range of religious symbols in her home—everything from Buddha statues to a menorah to a painting of Jesus. As Barbara’s adult son Daniel* listened in from the nearby dining room table, Barbara recounted the story of having grown up in a traditional Jewish home 70 years ago, then marrying a man who had grown up nominally Methodist. When the couple was looking for a religious tradition in which to raise their four children, they settled on Mormonism after a home visit by some missionaries!

“Barbara and her husband had hoped that practicing their religion would create a healthy family, but it didn’t work out that way. Barbara (now widowed) developed a deep spiritual hunger that Mormonism could not satisfy. By the time I visited her she’d been hearing more about Jesus from several good friends. Barbara (and Daniel!) both listened as I shared the gospel in full.

“Praise God, the second time I visited Barbara she was ready to come in repentance before God and receive Jesus’ forgiveness! I’m hoping that the newfound faith of this matriarch will affect her whole family. I had the opportunity to meet another of Barbara’s sons, Bill*, who seemed less than thrilled to make my acquaintance. Barbara’s daughter lives near me, and I hope to meet her soon. Please pray with me for the whole family to come together in a life-changing faith in Yeshua (Jesus)!”

*Names are changed to protect privacy.


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