London: Rachel and her Christian friend had spent long hours discussing the Bible. Though Rachel found her friend’s views seemed very plausible, she just didn’t see how she could believe them herself and still be Jewish. So she prayed, “God, if Jews really need Jesus, show me a sign!”

That week, Rachel was out driving and took a wrong turn which landed her just outside our Jews for Jesus shop (across from the Hendon Central station). She saw our huge sign above the shop as a definite (and very literal) answer to her prayer!

Rachel returned to our shop the following week. She told our London branch leader, Julia, that she believed Jesus died for her sins and rose again, but she struggled with what her family would think if she told them.

Rachel and Julia began meeting to study the Bible and discuss issues facing Jewish people who choose to follow Jesus. Julia says, “I’ve seen Rachel’s faith grow strong as we go through the Following Yeshua workbook," Julia said,  Before long, she invited Helen, a non-Jewish friend, to join us. Soon, Helen was ready to enter a new relationship with God through Jesus.”

Rachel’s enthusiasm to share her faith in Yeshua (Jesus) continues to grow! She met Stephanie, who’s also Jewish, at a Bible study. Julia also recounts that story: “A Christian friend knew that Stephanie was looking for spiritual answers and suggested she attend the study. Rachel and Stephanie connected, and soon Stephanie had joined with us for our ‘Following Yeshua’ lessons. It soon became evident that Stephanie believed Jesus was the Messiah who died for our sins (Isaiah 53)—and she could hardly wait to pray to receive God’s forgiveness and start her new life. Both these women really love God and are excited about their faith, but both also have some trepidation about their parents’ reactions to their new beliefs. They would appreciate prayer for courage, and for God to help their parents understand.”

Names of people our staff meet are often changed to protect privacy.

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