A Jewish watchmaker realizes it’s time to think about Jesus

Ilya Khaimovich writes from Moscow, “Every year during Hanukkah we go to the Okhotny Ryad subway station to meet crowds of Jewish people who are headed to the local synagogue for the annual Hanukkah concert. Most people rush by, but there are always some who will stop to talk. This year I met five Jewish people who took enough of an interest in why we believe in Jesus to give me their contact information. One man in particular made an impression on me.

“As he was passing by, I asked if he was Jewish. He stopped, said ‘Yes,’ then wanted to know why I’d asked. I wished him a happy holiday, invited him to our Hanukkah Shabbat service and offered to send him a free book, Jewish Doctors Meet the Great Physician. Leonid was definitely interested in the book and asked me to send it to him. He told me that he’s been a watchmaker for ten years. I wrote down his address and asked him, ‘How often do you think about the time, how we don’t have enough of it—and how important it is to make the right decisions in life?’

“Leonid replied that yes, he does think about such things, and asked what kinds of decisions I meant. I told him that the most important decision that we can make is to realize and admit that we are estranged from God by sin, and then to be reconciled with Him through the Messiah, Jesus. Once again, Leonid told me that he had thought about this because his friend, who is a Baptist, had spoken to him on the subject.

“At the end of our conversation I prayed for Leonid to be able to make this important decision. He promised to call and tell me if he is ready to do so. The book we’re sending him is full of testimonies, which I hope God will use to help him.”

We are thankful for the friend who has already been sharing the gospel with Leonid, and we don’t believe it’s a coincidence that Ilya picked him out of a crowd. Please pray for Leonid and for more divine encounters like this one.

Jewish Doctors Meet The Great Physician has been translated into Russian but you can find the original English version here.


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