Issues: Jews and Gender

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The Bible says that both male and female are created in God’s image (Genesis 1:27). But that image has been fractured in all of us. In this edition, read the provocative lead article, “When God Had Two Genders”; thoughts from a Jewish psychiatrist; and a personal letter from a brother to his sister.

jews and gender

When God Had Two Genders

Humanity has brought sin into the world, resulting in estrangement from God, our own selves, one another and nature. We are no longer who God intended us to be—whether we identify as male, female, or one of Facebook’s 58 genders.

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A Jewish Psychiatrist Looks at Transsexualism

A Jewish Psychiatrist Looks at Transsexualism
Author: Irving S. Wiesner, M.D.

Sexuality is a core aspect of our identity and a part of the basis upon which we interact with others and even God Himself.

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a letter to my sister

A Letter to My Sister
Author: anonymous

A Jewish believer in Jesus pens a heartfelt letter to his sister, who is a lesbian.

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