Issues: Hanukkah’s Historical Dilemma

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As you’ve probably noticed, Hanukkah moves around the calendar quite a bit. This is due to the Earth’s orbit and the differences between the Hebrew and Gregorian calendars. This year, we have both Chrismukkah (the first night of Hanukkah falls on Christmas Eve) and “Jew Year’s Eve” (okay, not the best pun—the last night of Hanukkah falls on New Year’s Eve). Apart from the calendar, is there a spiritual connection between Hanukkah and Christmas? Between Judah Maccabee and Yeshua (Jesus), who celebrated Hanukkah? We think so. Read on…

Hanukkah’s Historical Dilemma
Author: Stan Meyer

The Hebrew Scriptures predicted the specific events of the Hanukkah story hundreds of years before they occurred.

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The Hanukkah/Christmas Connection
Author: Diane Halm

Some years Hanukkah and Christmas collide. But what is the spiritual connection between the two holidays?

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The Night before Chrismukkah
Author: Diane Halm

‘Twas the night before Chrismukkah, when all through the house…

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